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How To Condense Your Favorites Folders

If you're anything like me, you save anything and everything that's of any use to your favorites! Before you know it you've filled up all your folders and have no more room for anything else! Sound familiar? Well that's what happened to me! And this is what I did about it!

1. First! go to your Webtv pagebuilder and click on (Create) in the sidebar.

2. Next choose a background for your new page.

3. On the next page click on (add a item).

4. When you get to the (add a item) page click on the box for links.

5. On the next page, go down and you'll see a button that says (Add from Favorites). This will show you a lists of everything you have saved in your favorites folders!

6. Now! click on each item that you want added to your page. Once you're finished, click on done!

7. All the links you've chosen will now be on the page.

8. Now click on (Publish) in the sidebar and you're done!

9. Now you can save that page in your favorites and all the links you had saved in your folder are now on one page! Pretty cool uh!

10. Now you can create a page for each catagory of links such as Graphics, Help, Tools, ect! Now there's only one problem! What are you gonna do with all those empty folders? LOL!

REMEMBER! You can only add 25 links to a page so you might have to start a second page for some catagories depending on the number of links you have.